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The Dialogue Company is a social enterprise that specializes in dialogue, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication. Founded in 2023, the company builds on the history of the Ambassadors for Dialogue project in Egypt, which has trained over 200 dialogue facilitators from all over Egypt. The Dialogue Company offers a range of activities to help individuals and institutions enhance their communication and conflict resolution skills, including short and long training programs, workshops, consultancy services, and manual and game development. The company operates on a national, regional, and international level, and believes in the power of dialogue to inspire positive change at all levels.

Let us tell you more about us


The vision of The Dialogue Company is to promote peaceful coexistence through dialogue. The company envisions a world where individuals and institutions are equipped with the skills and tools to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts peacefully, and build understanding and empathy across diverse communities.


The mission of The Dialogue Company is to enhance the capacity of individuals and institutions to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and promote non-violent communication through the art of dialogue. The company achieves this mission by offering a range of training, workshops, and consultancy services that promote dialogue as a means of creating greater mutual understanding and deeper insight.

our partners

strategic partners

Over the years, The Dialogue Company has developed strong partnerships with organizations that share our vision for promoting dialogue, understanding, and peaceful coexistence. Our strategic partners have been instrumental in helping us expand the reach and impact of our work.