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The Dialogue Company is a training and consultancy social enterprise working in the field of Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Non-Violent Communication. The company is building on the history of the Ambassadors for Dialogue project in Egypt, where there is a team of more than 200 trained dialogue facilitators from all over Egypt facilitating dialogue spaces, teaching people about dialogue, and opening dialogue about a diversity of issues. The company offers a variety of activities that help individuals and institutions enhance their capacities through learning about dialogue, conflict resolution, and nonviolent communication. We work on the national level in Egypt, on the Regional level in the Arab world, and internationally as well. 

In a dialogue , both sides are ready for change

Thich Nhat Hanh, (born 1926), Vietnamese monk and activist

We believe in the power of dialogue in inspiring positive change, whether on the individual level or the institutional level. Working with dialogue since 2009 through the Ambassadors for Dialogue project we had the vision of: Promoting peaceful coexistence through means of dialogue.  In more accurate terms we enhance mutual understanding between people by engaging them in dialogue with each other, redefining their views of themselves, the “other”, and the world. 

A bit of History

In 2009, three organizations came together to work on the Ambassadors for Dialogue project from Egypt, Jordan, and Denmark. Soon enough the project extended its work to Tunisia as well. 

In Egypt, Ambassadors for dialogue worked as a project from 2009 until 2016 under the legal umbrella of the Egyptian Youth Federation. In September 2017 the Legal umbrella of the project changed to the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) until February 2023. In March 2023, Ambassadors for Dialogue Egypt was founded as a training and consultancy company called “The Dialogue Company”. In pursuit of keeping the identity of the project, the company is founded as a social enterprise with the main aim of keeping the activities that serve the youth accessible and open. 

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