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The Dialogue Company

Our dedicated team is committed to providing impactful training and consultancy services in the field of dialogue, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication. Explore our range of offerings below and discover how we can empower you or your organization to foster positive change through dialogue.

Training Programs

We design short training to train people on dialogue and how to use dialogue tools in their daily lives or their professional lives. And long training to train people on how to facilitate dialogue spaces and how to use dialogue as a methodology.  


We design long and short workshops that help participants experience dialogue through interactive activities. The workshops’ focuses can vary between dialogue with the self, dialogue with the other, and how to work in a team using dialogue. 

Manual Development

We design manuals that are engaging and have dialogue as a component. The Manuals could be about any topic or theme like gender or environment, and the company will write it in an engaging and dialogical way. 

Games Design

Dialogical games that introduce dialogue in informal spaces. A dialogical game means that the players play a game and engage in dialogue with one another while playing the game. The dialogue company has produced 7ewary game which is a board game that helps players engage in dialogue.